Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Alien SV and LV?

SV is the standard version, LV is the limited version (1,000 machines). More info in the flyer on the landingpages.

Do you have any new products planned?

Yes, we are announcing a new machine in July 2022 and another one in 2023.

Are you open to theme suggestions?

While we always like to hear what you think, licensing and producing a new machine is a timeconsuming endeavour. So in case you’re hooked a new TV series or other theme right now, chances are that licensing hasn’t been available for a long time, or there are already plans in the making.


How to order?

Check our distributors to find out the partner nearest to you. They will inform you on all conditions and prices on their website.

Can I buy from you directly?

Right now, all sales are handled by our exclusive distributors only.

What if I don’t find a distributor for my country?

Drop us a line if you can’t find a distributor who may service you and we’ll sort it out!

Why don’t you communicate prices?

All we publish is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (»MSRP«). As your final price relies on shipping, logistics and maybe also currency variations it’s safest to inquire with your distributor. Usually there is a down payment to secure the order.

When will my machine be delivered?

Please direct all of those questions to your distributors. They have their own registry, so usually we couldn’t track your order numbers even if we wanted to.

Press, parts & all the rest

Do you distribute advance info to the press?

Certainly, if you wish to be informed drop us a line with your main publication channel, blog or feature account and we’ll include you in our press briefings.

Can I buy from you directly?

Right now, all sales are handled by our exclusive distributors only.

I wrote to you via Social Media with a support issue but you didn’t respond!

Keep in mind that we get loads of questions, opinions, reactions, gossip and have a whole social media team responding. For support issues, please always open a ticket via our system (see link below).

Are there spare parts available?

There is a page for parts right here.

Do you support the old Heighway Alien pin?

No. A few details in parts may be compatible, but the programming and electronics are totally different.

Do you deal in mods?

Honestly we haven’t had time for that, so far. Developing new machines and distributing the current ones is our main concern. There may be collaborations in the future, and sometimes we repost when we come across something cool.

Have further questions?

We'd be happy to help.

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